Computers and Technology Les Barnhart
Currently 8th grade computer class students are finishing up green screen video projects. Hopefully I can post one here later this week. We continue to work on touch typing. Soon we will also start working with OneNote to create a digital notebook.

Below you can see a screen capture from a Meraki Z1 teleworker gateway. Cisco Meraki
allowed this unit to have a 1Gbps WAN interface unlike their new Z3 which only allows for 100Mbps.
Strange, but true. I am always busy researching something and this is one of those items.
The year has been flying buy and we are even using the gym, kitchen FACs, and science rooms.
I was given the chance to redo the network wiring in these rooms so the wireless works
very well and we have a modern network.

z1 throughput
Below is a Cisco Meraki MR33 It may be entry-level, but it does a very good job
connected clients to our network.

Cisco Meraki does make some cool networking equipment. It is a little expensive, but worth the money in the long run. If you haven't tried it, you should check it out.
The fourth nine weeks is around the corner so it will be time to gear up for summer activities. Always lots of iPads to deal with. We will be moving them up a grade and adding some new ones. Hopefully selling some of the older ones too.
Right now I am trying my skills at working on this web page. The editing tools have improved, but
there are still a few no so simple things you have to deal with. I will be practicing more so hopefully
I will figure out the little tricks to the editing of these pages.